Domena is THE Inventor of the Steam Generator Irons & Presses.


Here at Steam Press UK, we have more than 10 years experience with Domena Products and are major suppliers of Domena Steam Presses in the UK.

Please call 01825 764446 for all accessories for old & new Domena Products.

We can carry out Repairs on any Domena Steam Press ( click on Domena Service & Repairs ) for more details. We also supply accessories for all Domena Irons and Steam Presses.


                                               ****New for 2014****

Domena FG Duo

Domena FG Duo Steam Generator Iron






Not only are we renowned for our extensive knowledge of Domena Steam Generator products, we also supply and demonstrate at Shows some of the BEST selling Household brand names, which are now available to buy online.
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Domena SP1900 Booster Steam Ironing Press

This Press has a manual Steam Booster function. When the button on the front left hand side, underneath the bottom plate, you will get an extra Boost of Steam up to 110g/min.

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£199.99 *

Domena SP4000

Featuring a modern shape and comfortable, ergonomic handle, the Domena SP4000 is suitable for all domestic ironing. Also used in many Guest Houses, B & B's, etc.


£208.99 *
Delivery weight: 12 kg

Domena SP4050

The Domena SP4050 Press is the Booster version of the SP4000,

giving you an extra Boost of Steam, should you need it.

Ideal for thick items such as curtains, table cloths, etc.

£230.88 *

Domena FG Duo Steam Generator Iron

The Domena FG Duo Steam Generator Iron is in a fabulous bright pink.
* 180 grams steam per minute
* Can be re-filled at any time giving uninterrupted ironing
* 10 years warranty against scale (using replaceable anti-scale filters)
* Vertical ironing also
* 0.60l Water container
* Removable iron rest
Central steam trigger for right or left handed use
£199.99 *
In stock

Domena SP4500 Eco with Finishing Table

The Domena SP4500 Eco is ideal for the envirnomentally conscious consumer.

Eco setting: saves 50% of electricity and 70% of water consumption


£296.99 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 12 kg

Swan SI1900 Steam Ironing Press - Manufacturer Refurbished

R.R.P.                                              £169.00

Steam Press UK Price     £99.00 inc delivery

Manufacturer Refurbished

Please call 01825 764446 for more product information

  • Very easy to use
  • Opens wide, to give room for large items such as duvet covers.
  • Water container: 450ml capacity, and can be refilled at anytime giving un-interrupted ironing.
  • 90g/min steam output.
  • Ready to use in 3 minutes. 
  •  Weight 11kg.
  • Easy storage - press can be locked for ease of carrying and can be stored on its end.
  • Large soleplate equal to 5 conventional irons.

£99.00 *

Domena XS3 Pro

New to the market, the XS3 Pro generates up to 90g steam/min. Features a comfort Cork handle.

£109.99 *

Easy Box Neo

£199.99 *

The Original Sweepa Broom

broom4.jpg   Broom1.jpg

This is THE BEST broom you will ever buy, and the secret is the rubber bristles.


£19.95 *

Nails Supreme CP1

Get salon professional nails at home with Nails Supreme

This ingenious Duo art pen features a revolutionary nib and brush so you can paint, design and decorate your own nails to get salon results in the comfort of your own home. 

Create fabulous designs on any length of nail.
From complex patterns to simple flowers. Nails Supreme is quick and easy to do.

£19.99 *

 Total Price including Delivery

1 - 10 of 11 results